Andreas Atteneder



Andreas Atteneder from Linz, Austria.

Technology enthusiast, software developer and 3D graphics geek.

I work at Unity ( though this website my personal thing ).

Curriculum Vitae

Establish communication via email or a tweet.


I'll be writing about interesting stuff I come across when pursuing my profession or hobbies.

Occasionally I find time to start small side-projects (see my GitHub). Yes, the kind that usually dies down some time later. I'll gladly write about those anyways 😃


The biggest reason I was able to learn crafts and improve skills over the years was having access to a massive amount of knowledge and experience people volunteer to put together. Some of these people are absolute experts in their respective field and earn my deepest appreciation.

Occasionally I connect the dots myself. Why not share if it's a potential time saver for others as well!

So there you have it. I'd like to join the ranks of people who share and let peers harvest their knowledge.